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At Our Earth Project, we have a mission to inspire change! 

What is Our Goal?

Providing "Fashionable Clothes with a Message"
In a very subtle way, they help raise awareness

Donating 10% of Our Profits Back
We donate to environmental organisations/projects in order to help contribute back to the restoration of our home

What Organisations Do We Donate to?

Climate Coalition | Ocean Conservancy | Bee Friendly Trust

Why These Organisations?

 The Climate Coalition
A group of 130+ organisations that support the National Trust, Women’s Institute, Oxfam, and RSPB in aid against climate change!
Ocean Conservancy
Creators of science-based solutions to help restore the ocean and animal communities to a healthier state!
Bee Friendly Trust
Helping to increase forage for urban bees in West London by establishing planters in nearby train stations to transform neglected places into thriving forage habitats. 

Do You Have an Organisation to Recommend?

Feel free to contact us here!

How Much So Far?

Helping to Do Our Part Since June 2019 
We have donated £1,800 so far to 4 environmental organisations including WWF to support their conservation work!

We hope you become a part of this project and spread the message to help inspire change to save our planet!