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At Our Earth Project, we have a mission to inspire change! 

What is Our Goal?

Providing "Beautiful Clothes with a Message"
They help fund the earth's restoration by raising awareness with a subtle touch

Donating 10% of Our Profits Back
We donate to environmental organisations in order to help contribute back to the restoration of our home

What Organisations Do We Donate to?

Climate Coalition | Ocean Conservancy

Why These Organisations?

The Climate Coalition
A group of 130+ organisations that support the National Trust, Women’s Institute, Oxfam, and RSPB in aid against climate change! 
Ocean Conservancy
Creators of science-based solutions to help restore the ocean and animal communities to a healthier state!

Do You Have an Organisation to Recommend?

Feel free to contact us here!

How Much So Far?

Helping to Do Our Part Since June 2019 
We have donated £1,000 so far to 4 environmental organisations including WWF to support their conservation work!

We hope you become a part of this project and spread the message to help inspire change to save our planet!